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Peach IT provides you a technician within click !
At the business office, your home and online.
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Shai Hamaydes

Who am I 

Who am I 

My way in the world of computing began as a computer technician. Since then   

I am in the IT arena and today I am with profound experience and knowledge.

I am IT certified and over the years I was in a role of project manager and IT manager. In 2014 I've established Peach-IT that provides a devoted and professional service to businesses and private customers.

When business or household asks me for assistance about their computers, they receive appropriate attention to their requests and a guiding responsible walkthrough. The treatment is professional, thorough and focuses on the solution. For clients that it is difficult to get along with the computer or have a desire to learn, the treatment is being done with patience and even if there are special issues, the customer's work experience will become with no difficulty.

The IT Professional
For The Business and
The Household

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Customers Share

I turned to Peach-IT for infrastructure and servers assistance after a long period of neglect. In a short time, I received an accurate and comprehensive picture of what is needed in our systems, what it involves and how to prevent problems in the future. With Shai's help we set priorities and within a short time the IT infrastructure in the business became stable, the services from the providers improved and became less redundant, the subject of information security got strengthened and our business reduced expenses. Our infrastructure is in optimal and stable condition to date and over time.

Shira, Weekin-inPower

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